Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's a test...only a test

Thanks to my lovely OCD, I've developed many fears.  One of them, oddly enough is being home alone with a technician.

Considering I used to be an apartment manager who had to deal with repair technicians multiple times on a daily basis, almost always by myself, this is one of those that makes me laugh.

Seriously, where did this come from?  Ok fine I know where, that show Unsolved Mysteries, and random horror films where the techs turn out to be some crazed lunatic.  This is why I stick to vampires and werewolves when I want a good 'fright night', they aren't real.

Tomorrow we have an a/c tech coming and on Monday an appliance tech coming to fix our dishwasher.  Not only is that in itself making me anxious, but both are in the morning.  Damnit three times for this non morning person.

My hands are so dry and cracked from hand washing dishes, I'm thrilled to have someone FINALLY coming out.  We've tested this puppy and taken it apart and Bo examined it with his electrical eye and we're finally saying enoughs enough, call a professional. 

So there ya go Miss and Jo, two days of facing a fear, IN THE MORNING NO LESS.  Not only that but it's the same fear, twice. 

I'm seriously thinking that my reward for getting through both days without going into a spastic fit, is ice cream.  A shitload of it!

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jodene said...

Well there you have it ... ice cream is the reward then. Get through it and then totally indulge ... I promise you, those calories WON'T count!

You have no idea how I wash I was closer to you so I could just pick up the phone and chat to you during the scary times and then laugh about them after.
I'm right here even though I'm on the other side of the world. You are being super brave my friend!!