Saturday, January 29, 2011

On my own

Today I did something that I've never done.  I went to see a movie by myself.

Oh my God really!

Yes I did!

Bo's been on me for a long time to go out by myself, he was slightly giddy when I told him what I'd planned.

So today I showered, got all dolled up, and took myself on a date. 

My only hope as I walked out the door, was that I behaved and didn't try to cope a feel....

I have to say, there were a few times where I got a bit lonely.  I didn't have someone to talk to about what I'd just seen.  But for the most part, I had fun.  I was only anxious before leaving but once I got there I was perfectly fine.

I'd like to do it again. 

Aren't you proud Miss?  Jo?  I did it.  I chose to do it, I followed through with it, and I had fun.  AND I want to do it again.  I want to find a way to make it happen more often.

On a side note, I watched The Dilemma, not as funny as I thought it would be but Channing Tatum and his hotness totally makes up for it.  It's not a terrible movie, just not one I'd say you must see....well unless you want to see Channing who played a sensitive tough guy named Zip who cries over his dead fish yet goes apeshit over Vince Vaughn and beats the hell out of his car with a baseball bat.  He's my FAVORITE part of the movie.  Him and no shirt...mmmm tasty baby.


Draft Queen said...

Yay you!

And I have to say, I've watched many a movie just so I could drool over someone in it. *There is no shame in this* (right?)

jodene said...

Woo hoo and a well done you!!! I'm so proud of you my friend and I know that with one little step at a time you are going to be doing more and more for yourself.

Now you have me awaiting to see Tatum, who cares about the rest of the movie ;-)