Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh fruit loops

Today I woke up just a titch nauseous.  Woohoo for that right?  I can handle a little, cause well thats my normal day.  

Bo was absolutely awesome taking care of everything while I was sick...minus housework ;).  I managed to get some clothes washed yesterday thankfully.  However that doesn't put a dent in my very messy house.  Like 10 times worse than it was....I could be on one of those cleaning shows its that messy. 

It almost killed my no longer sick buzz seeing how terrible it looks.

Although the odd energy I have bubbling inside is excited to actually be able to get up and do stuff, the rational side...or maybe not so rational now that I think of it, is turning in circles not knowing where the hell to start as everything looks like an avalanche waiting to happen.  Or a broken bone tripping over the bazillion things on the floor.

Today it seems I will have to make a list and actually stick to it.  Eeek.  That goes against my nature.  Lists and I do not get along, never have.  But today I'm hoping we can come to some kind of truce because we have a couple clean dishes, just a handful of clean clothes and a pathway through the house.

I'm going to cling to my positivity today, to my unnatural excitement to do something and my very low level of energy like a madwoman.  Cackling with maniacal laughter the entire way...mwuahaha.

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jodene said...

Yay, it's so great to hear you sounding so positive and I know that just a little spark goes a long way.

I hope you make friends with the list my friend and the you continue to feel better! ;-)