Monday, January 17, 2011

Wondering how many tires I'd have to slit

We moved into this house in November of 2004 and in that time we have bought from Lowe's:

2 refrigerators, 1 died within a week of the one year warranty expiration and was told to just buy new

2 dryers, was told to buy new, and as the fridge, a weird faulty part was the culprit

1 stove, old one had a crack the size of the Grand Canyon

1 microwave, the kind that goes above the stove and is also a vent hood, cause the old one died

1 dishwasher cause the old stopped cleaning dishes

And guess what there's a good chance we'll be making that 2 dishwashers! Our dishwasher will be 3 years in March and seems to have kicked the bucket!!! WTF!!!

I swear there's a section in our local Lowe's, with our name on it, and it's stocked to the ceiling with faulty appliances.

Over the weekend, after being loaded completely, we notice dishwasher wasn't working.  Bo checked the wires, the outlet the whole shabang and still no life.  Once I get through the dirty dishes and clean up the kitchen we'll have someone come out and look at it.  Hopefully we'll hear it's easy and won't cost much.

Yeah my kitchen is that freaking dirty.  Remember me being sick last week?  Well Bo did 0 dishes, basically every dish is dirty, spread out on what little counter space we have as well as a fully stocked dishwasher.  I have a toddler terror and can maybe do 5 dishes at a time before she's into something.  I've been doing dishes all day long, then I made dinner and guess what, EVERYTHING I WASHED IS DIRTY AGAIN.


I don't feel like I'm getting any closer to getting everything washed.  Not only that but Jocelyn's birthday party is on Saturday and I'm still doing fing dishes when I need to be cleaning my house.

I'm drowning in dirty dishwater people.


Katie said...

My hubby is the manager of the appliance department at the lowes here. I am making him read this post. (Just so he knows what customers feel like when they get a bad appliance (or 10))

AAAAACCCCCKKK! Sorry about your dishwashing troubles.

Nikki said...

LOL well thanks Katie. Tell him I don't blame Lowes, it's just the easiest to blame ;).