Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There's a smidgen of progress Mr. Watson

It's the 19th, how are your resolutions coming?

Mine?  Well.....

I realized yesterday that I already have a head start on the taking care of me resolution.  I get my hair done.

Aha, Nikki there ya go.  I've been getting my hair trimmed and colored for over a year now, and I absolutely love it and can't wait to go to my next appointment.  I'm not struggling to remember to do it, or struggling to want to do it.  I look forward to it!  And in December, instead of saying "Ok Jo, whatever colors you feel today, go for it"  to my hair stylist, I chose to go red.  Which was a bold, new statement for someone who use to go once if that a year to get a trim and have only had it colored once before.  As well as someone who rarely chooses the colors herself.  HUGE step and I did it without really noticing what that meant.

My thoughts are, if I pick something that compliments my rad new hair, that I love and am obsessed with keeping, maybe that will make it easier to stick to.  And easier to slowly build up a routine of sorts.

When it hit me yesterday that I was enjoying this particular treatment, I realized I haven't been actively trying to keep up with my other resolutions.  I honestly have forgotten them, what with all the sickness and what not going on around here; it's kept me well and truly distracted.

One problem is I never really wrote them down, which was a huge oops.  I didn't have any reminders.  So today, amongst my jobs is to write down my resolutions and post them on my desktop. 

Am I bummed?  Am I going to give up?

Nope.  Crazy, but I'm not upset that I haven't been doing what I said I would, because I know I can still do it.  Because you don't need January 1st or Monday to be your start day of a resolution. 

See, that right there?  That is positivity, and I didn't have to even think about being positive either.

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