Sunday, February 27, 2011

House hunting update.

Yesterday we actually found a house we like.  It's not Savannah BY ANY MEANS, but then again that house was a freak of nature and listed for $50k cheaper than what it's worth just to get it sold quickly and even then not many people could afford that price so it sat empty for a few years .  You don't run across deals like that every day.  But this house could work, it has 4 bedrooms and a HUGE bonus room above the garage.  We're not in love with it, but we really like it.

And with all the houses on the market checked off because they suck, it's a good thing.

We still haven't decided what we're going to do yet.  Do we put in an offer because we're out of other options?  Or do we take a chance, wait a few more weeks/months to see what else comes available and hope that this house isn't the last one in town that we like?  Cause it kinda seems that way.

It's not like we're looking for a billiard's room and a winter parlor, our criteria is pretty simple yet this is a small town, we have a strict budget and that limits us.  We can't compromise on a small yard, we have a polar bear to think of.  We can't compromise on no extra room for a play room, that's the whole reason we're looking for a new house.  So basically if it's what we have now, we're will not look at it, whats the point you know. 

I know there's always going to be 'oh if we had just waited we could have had this house', which is quite irritating.  Someone should be in charge of knowing what houses will be selling every year, there should be a list with floor plans and photos and you should be able to put it on layaway.  Whose with me?

But there is awesomely good news...well could be anyway.  There's a family interested in our land and is trying to find out if they can get a loan to buy it.  We've had lots of hits but this is the first couple to be interested enough to go to the bank.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE more promising than we thought.

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Draft Queen said...

I hope the buyers for the land work out. Having that sorted out before finding a house could be fate.

Hopefully it will be the kickoff to finding a perfect house (in price, location and meeting your needs)!