Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where's my wishing well

Today appears to be a relatively busy Saturday.

One, show realtor the layout of our 5 acres, so he can show it to a possible buyer who has looked at the land two times already, but wants to get a more precise vision of where it is in the middle of roughly 200 acres.  Please to all things holy let them buy it!!! Today if at all possible, thank you muches.

Two, see three more houses....sigh.  I love looking at houses, it's oddly fun.  But after loosing Savannah, well they don't stack up to it AT ALL and it's hard to really see the house without thinking 'Savannah had closets in each bedroom I could lay down in with plenty of room to spare and one in the master that was the size of our current bedroom, this one doesn't.  The kitchen doesn't come close to Savannah...etc'.  After seeing these three houses, we'll be caught up with what's on the market in town.  Yippee.

Three, grocery shopping.  Enough said.

Now I'm off to self medicate with some rum and psych myself up for the day by smacking my own ass a few times.


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