Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New directions

My writing is going really well, I'm so happy to say.

I've managed to write almost daily, which is awesome in and of itself, considering for a few days there I couldn't.  But the best part is I'm not going ok this isn't working.  There are things that I know I need to go back and add to so everything transitions smoothly.  But it's not standing out in my head like a beacon saying you've screwed it up Nikki you have to fix it NOW.

I'm not struggling with scenes, I'm actually getting scene ideas in advance which NEVER happens.  I typically just write, with no real direction except the overall idea of the story.  But this one is actually coming to me ahead of time, with situations and ideas that is starting to resemble an outline.  GASP, did I just say that?  I think it all has to do with me building this story in sections all this time; it's helped me work through things in my head before I write it down.  I'm not looking at it as a whole the entire time I'm writing, I'm coming up with moments and situations that build up the story.  FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.  That's like insanely cool, if I do say so myself.

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