Thursday, February 03, 2011

That stir crazy feeling

On one hand, I'm sluggish and just run down; I'd rather go back to bed than anything else.

On the other hand, I'm ready to write today.  I'm ready to do some research.  I'm ready to 'work' so to speak.  Mental work anyway, ha.

I know it's the snow, it always does this to me.  It's my favorite time to write and research.  It energizes me....well in that aspect, it also makes me want to hibernate.

At some point I plan on moving my 'work station' to the dining room table.  I'm thinking that a change of scenery may help me stay motivated.  Because this couch and the blanket next to me just beg for sleep.  It taunts me, can you hear it?  Nikki you are so tired, how about you cuddle down with me?  We could be so warm and comfy together.  Just you and me and some z's.

Fun fact, I live in NW Arkansas, it's only 4F outside right now, and in the night our temp matched places in Alaska....wowsa.

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