Monday, February 07, 2011

Slick as snot

Because of all the snow, and this time that's not an understatement we got about 8 inches, hot damn huh, Bailey was out of school all last week.  Except for Monday. 

Today they returned, even though most buses couldn't run their route due to the back roads being slick and slushy. 

To say Bailey wasn't happy to go back is putting mildly.

To say I wasn't happy that he had to go back is putting it mildly.  I HATE driving on snow/ about anxiety.

But the fun isn't over folks, we're supposed to get more snow, up to 10 inches in places. 

We're rethinking our move...Hawaii is sounding even better.


jodene said...

Once again, a little milestone ;-) although I would love to come visit you in Hawaii ;-)

Nikki said...

Anytime babe ;)