Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I'm living in a rerun

There's a new option on our table today.

We found a house we really like, whose owner is more than happy to buy our land as part of the deal.  We haven't even had a contract made, the Realtors told the owner of our situation and he said he'd do it.  Sweet huh.

There are a few minor downsides to this house though, the biggest one is that one side of the house there's maybe 10 feet between it and the house next door.  However this is a corner lot so the other side of the house is an open yard.  Plus most houses we've seen are this close to the neighbors, it's rare to find a bigger distance in our price range.  The others are very minor and almost picky complaints that we can live with.  It's a big upgrade and that's what matters.

It's also WAY cheaper than the house we lost, like $30,000 cheaper which means it's a better financial fit.

There are some questions we have for the realtor that will affect our decision and this morning someone recommended a local builder to us who has houses he can show us that he's selling personally (not on MLS), so this isn't a done deal just yet.

Le sigh.

But hey, we have more options and it seems there's always one more coming in.

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