Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Making googly eyes at my mother in law

No no, you read that right.

On Sunday we attended a birthday party for BIL's girlfriend's son.  And at one point, I was smiling lovingly at Bo, when he looked away.  I was trying to catch his eye again and was looking at his ahem crotch with a hungry look, but he never glanced back.  Totally wasted my come hither let's scrog like bunnies look.

However, I look over and there's his mom, grinning at me from ear to ear.


Not long after that she told us we needed a room then asked what I've been feeding Bo as we were being all flirty.  Before I could stop myself I said 'I don't know but I need to stop because I'm not getting any sleep'.

Double fuck.

Luckily his mother has a good sense of humor and is just as perverted as the rest of us...however it doesn't take away my embarrassment at my verbal vomit...or my sultry sexy gaze that was witnessed.

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