Friday, April 15, 2011

Coming together

Slowly but surely the house is getting put together.

I had two days of frustration that I wasn't going fast enough.  I wrote up like 5 posts about it, and deleted them all.  I was annoyed at myself enough to not annoy you with my rant. 

One thing I keep focusing on is that we didn't just get a new house, we got a new beginning.  And for the first time ever I'm determined to make this our home and wanting to do whatever it is I have to to make it happen.  Like cleaning.  Ick, even saying it makes me break out in hives.  But I want a clean home and I'm actually doing my routines and to do lists and well even with the boxes and bags, this place is clean.


The comical part of this energy change is that I'm all 'Ok, I have to get back to work on book reviews, I MUST write, I've got my blogs to take care of, I've got to do some more tweaking to the diet....what else do I need to add to my I need to find the right combo and get this scheduled in with my cleaning routine so I have time for all of this...oh and Bo and the kids, mustn't forget to pencil them in too'.

No joke.

I have this voice saying I can organize this, I can get it all organized and planned out so that everything gets done and I still get to have some fun...I just have to sit down and write it all down and map it out.  And that little voice is all giddy and jumping for joy cause that means some weird ass paperwork/scheduling. 

Somehow this move has turned me into an organizing, cleaning, fiend.

Oh help us all.

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