Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Major tribal

The dogs and the cat are now home!

One hand, we missed them.

The other hand, boy was it so much easier not having them to worry about. 

I wish I had had a video of Frost and how he reacts to a leash.  Imagine if you will a polar bear on a leash...lying down and refusing to move.  All 60 some pounds of him.  To get him in the truck, Bo grabbed the front end, got his paws up on the bed while MIL grabbed the ass end and shoved him home.  I sadly missed this as I was bringing the cat home, but I got to witness how strongly he refused to get out of the truck.

His only other time on a leash was when he was neutered...

We called his name, even our neighbor tried to help and Frost just lay there giving us a go to hell look, albeit happy and sweet, but he wasn't budging and made no bones about it.  Haha.  Anyway I ended walking around with Riddick who loves/hates the leash.  He loves to go for a walk, but practically kills himself on the leash.  Bo had to drag Frost out of the truck and instead of putting his feet down once he was over the edge, he fell gracefully to the pavement. And lay down as flat as his ginormous body could go.  And stayed there.  Bo pulled and tugged, I called his name, Riddick whined and barked and practically hung himself as I stood still.  Frost didn't move a muscle.

You know what got him to FINALLY move after 10 minutes of trying to get him out of the truck and into the back yard?

Bo taking the leash off. 

The second that thing snapped off he was up and trotting as if nothing had happened.  Our neighbor was like 'um dude is he going to run away' and we assured him he wouldn't.  And he didn't, he ran straight for the gate and into the back yard.  Riddick was close on his heels even though he was still on a leash.  Neither expected the wire.

What wire you may ask, well Frost is a natural digger and his favorite spots are around the fence.  We hot wired the fence with a very low voltage system to fix this.  They never escaped the old yard, even holes big enough for Riddick to go through, but he could be brave one day and I'd lose my baby.  So hot wired it is.

Frost tripped a bit then took off as fast as he could to inspect the yard.

Riddick, pulling and tugging on the leash, managed to pull me off balance and we both went running into the gate.  He tripped, yelped and I had to catch myself on the fence or I'd have fallen on top of him. 

Few minutes later, they had bones and a new toy and were running rounds through the new backyard.  More than happy in their new home.

Pixels....well she's already sprawled eagle on the carpet in front of the fireplace...

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