Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bringing my teddy bear out

Let's see if I can get this all straight.

Deep breath...

Bailey's fever returned so I took him in to the doctor, except we couldn't see our regular one.  Without swabbing him, and dispite him having cold/sinus infection symptoms, he 'thinks' Bailey has Strep.  Because 'I've had nothing but Strep cases today'.  Ooook and when I said but he doesn't have a sore throat he said it probably wasn't yet and left it at that.  No explanation to why he thought it was Strep.

In fact the guy barely spoke and unless I asked him a question he didn't give any info.  And when he answered my questions, it was short and sweet.  Our normal doctor, either because he's that awesome or because he knows me and knows I need info, would have explained why he thought Strep and given me advice on things I can do at home to help him get better. 

That's not saying this guy wasn't nice, he was very nice.  Just not very informative.

After his fever spiked at 102.7 last night, then it FINALLY came down to 99 point something, I broke down in tears.  My anxiety from yesterday was just terrible.  Even with a Royal helping me by giving me advice on Strep, which did calm me down, thanks by the way, I still lost it once he finally went to sleep. 

Yesterday sucked ass.  I spent over two hours literally fighting with her to go to sleep because he woke her up with his fit, then from 2:30 on I was in a mad rush to the dr and then not getting his fever down...it was pure hell.

Shouldn't be shocking to know I didn't sleep much last night.

Or to know that this morning we woke up to find both Bailey and Jocelyn with a 101 fever and she's got all the symptoms he has....and I have a low grade fever too.

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