Thursday, May 19, 2011

You know it's bad

when you are a 29 year old woman crying for your mama cause of how sick you are.

I get why Jocelyn broke out into random fits of crying yesterday.

And why Bailey stayed in his room all day sleeping for the first few days.

Not only do I have a fever, extreme sinus pressure, sore and raw feeling throat, coughing, heavy and gunky feeling in my chest, but I also have a stomach that's found the flush button and hitting it OFTEN as well as cramps from my 'visitor'.

On the upside, the kids are getting better.  Bailey's doing awesome and is back in school today, all he has left is a cough.  Jocelyn's eyelids are red and her eyes are bloodshot, and still admitting goop.  But her fever is gone for now and she's up and walking around vs lying next to me.

I'm clinging to this news like a lifeline.  They are better, they got through this.

I'd like to see the doctor Bailey went to on Monday (OMG was it really just Monday; it feels like weeks ago) and kick him in the nuts.  Strep throat indeed.  More like a TERRIBLE sinus infection.

~crawls back to pillow, teddy bear and big fluffy blanket~

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Draft Queen said...

Feel better soon!