Tuesday, May 10, 2011


You see that?  That is what we've had to do to keep her contained to the main areas of the house.  All the door knobs are not the round one's so there's no way to put a saftey door knob thingy mabob on them.  You see that face?  That is the face of a tyrant.

Have you ever watched (forgive me, I don't know the real name for this) those races where the guy/girl jumps over hurdles as they run?  This is what I have to do everytime I have to pee or do laundry or anything that does not involve the main areas of the house.  It's not new, I've done this since Bailey was mobile, but these two are back to back, making it extra fun.

I'm 5'3 folks, these gates are not easy for my short legs ESPECIALLY the one farthest from the camera.  That puppy is so high it grazes the lady bits.  It's quite humorous, I'd laugh if it wasn't such a pain in the ass to jump over them.  ESPECIALLY when I have to go over both.  I need a frickin medal for that.

She's retaliated by going into the kitchen and removing things from the cabinets, or drinking from the cat bowl, or finding a pen and drawing, or well you think of it and I'm damn positive she's done it.  I was going to wait this out, she'll eventually get sick of time outs and spankings and cut back a little on her evil plot to drive me crazy.

Except she's a clever little shit and figured out how to take down the gates...


Draft Queen said...

We have to put gates up everywhere so the dog doesn't get into things. The dog is massive, so the gates are high. Let me just say, I've had more injuries due to gates than I'd like to admit to.

He jumps over them with ease, when he wants to.


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