Thursday, May 12, 2011

You don't say

I'm ordering you to stop by my friend Jo's blog on Sunday.  She's celebrating her 500th post with a ginormous live party.  If you haven't checked out her blog before, then shame, shame on you.  She's my inspiration folks.  If it wasn't for her I'd be writing far more woe is me posts.

I was chatting with her the other day about her 500posts and wondered how many I've done.  I haven't kept track of them at all but I felt pretty positive she had beat my number.  The first couple of years I barely wrote after all.  But nope, I somehow have 555 or 556 now with this here post.  And I totally missed it.

Shows you how much I pay attention to things.

Ok so I do pay attention to things, I just pay attention to a small area.  The rest gets ignored until there's so much dust you can't see it anymore.

But the scary part is once I shared my blog with the family I deleted a TON of posts because I didn't want to hurt anyone...wonder what my real number would be then.

Anyway, this total blew me away, and it made me wonder what my blogiversary was...cause that I don't keep up with either.  It's going to be 5 years this October! Holy nutballs Grandma! 
Who knows I may do something for my 5 year blogiversary, I haven't decided yet. 

Don't miss out on this folks, come celebrate Jo's 500th post! 

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