Friday, May 06, 2011

Maybe writing it down first would be good

So this novel I'm working on is literally all in my head.  It's what I think about at night before I go to sleep, because oddly enough it helps.  If I don't focus on something, I go through everything about that day and the next and so on, basically everything you can think of, I'm thinking it as I'm trying to fall asleep. 

But when I think of this story, I can focus on it only and then I fall asleep.  Not before I've made progress or revised a scene or two. 

It's the single minded focus that helps me sleep, not the story itself. 

What is in my head is noticeably different, to me anyway haha, than what I have on paper.  In my head, it's perfection, the ultimate dream/fantasy, everything is peachy for the most part.  Like it's a hunky movie star instead of a high school foot ball coach.  And she works for her parents but in the 'dream' has her own undecided successful business.  On paper, well it becomes too perfect and too fantasy and too peachy for me.  I have had to change the story a lot.

So much that it makes it hard to convert my 'dream' to my writing.  It makes me forget things and I'll get to writing and get things backwards. 

Makes me wonder which one I should change.  The written or the imaginary?  My imaginary one is farther along than my written one by dozens of chapters.  But my written one has less sparkle and more reality.

BTW: What do you think of me sharing more stuff about my book?  And would you be interested to see how far I am? 


Draft Queen said...

Write what's in your head.

Call it the "draft".

Then, re-write it a second time. The second time you will have a better understanding of your characters. Maybe there's a reason it's all too sparkly and you just haven't figured out how that makes the story.

I took a class on writing fiction once. The first assignment was to write a short story. About a chapter's worth. Then, over the following weeks, we had to write out biographies, in the first person, of all of the characters. So we would know who they were, and could better describe them after we threw our drafts in the trash and started all over.

Most of us had crap to begin with, because we didn't know our characters well enough. (Some of my classmates wrote amazingly from the get-go and I was supremely annoyed with them.)

And yes, I'd love to see it!

jodene said...

Just write ...
Write down whatever comes to mind and bless the gift of your imagination and the power to create a story. Love the process my friend and know that there is someone right here waiting to read every word that floats around in that beautiful mind.

PS ... If you blog like you write you will be a hit!