Thursday, May 05, 2011

It only took three cases of Redbull

I am better today.  Not great but better. 

And I think it has to do with me berrying myself in everything from Facebook games, to historical research, to random celebrity stalker websites.  I focused on everything else yesterday so I wouldn't have time to think. 

Although that means I did nothing around the house minus making dinner.  Cleaning lets my brain roam sometimes, so no housework.  Didn't want the bad thoughts to consume me.  Plus I already felt all blue and mushy without thinking; didn't want to find out how much worse I would feel if I did.

Well that and two lovely people who sent me encouraging messages yesterday.  Thank you Jo and Jill!  And of course my Honey Cheeks for checking in on me last night.  MWUAH thank you all.

I'm done letting my emotions ruin this time for us.  We have a new nephew and that is far more important than my 'drama'. 

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McKenzie said...

Congratulations on your new nephew! Glad to hear you are getting over the drama ☺