Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's lost it's humor

Yesterday I woke up with the worst sore throat I've had in years.  And although it hurt so badly to breathe let alone swallow, I refused to write about it.  Because I'm sick of writing about being sick.

Then I woke this morning, the pain was less and I could breath without tears, however a new twist was thrown into the mix.  Bailey is sick with some stomach junk and threw up this morning.  Not only is that itself bad enough, but he refuses to go to the bathroom and would rather throw up in the floor because, and I quote, 'I've never done that before'. 

Remember this is the child who HATES change of any kind and will refuse to cooperate unless its his terms and his ideas.

When we told him that the next time he felt like he was going to be sick to go to the bathroom he refused to do it and threw a fit.  No shit.  A fit.  Because we told him to do something that would a) not cause a mess and b) be something he's never done before.  How dare we?  Who do we think we are?  Well parents that don't put up with that kind of shit, so we informed him he had two choices, throw up in the toilet or clean the mess up that he far he hasn't thrown up again, either because he refuses to do either option or whatever upset his stomach is now gone.


Tomorrow is Bailey's 6th birthday and his party...looking around the house seeing what I have to do and not feeling like it, and having a sick little boy on top of that is making me so consider rescheduling the party.

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Draft Queen said...

I can't believe you are still not feeling well! You poor woman!

On the vomit thing, my daughter, now 12.5, STILL throws up where she stands/sits without a shred of effort to make it to the bathroom. I want to choke her every time.