Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book review: In the Heat of the Bite by Lydia Dare

I have two major loves in books, historical romance novels and vampires/lycans/ghosts...or better yet paranormal.  Most of the time these two never cross paths, and if they do it's a big ol mess.

Except for when Lydia Dare does it, who is really two women writing under one name.  In the Heat of the Bite is the 6th book in a series with not only romance, but vampires, witches and lycans.

You have historical romance at it's best, with the writing style and sound that I so dearly love.  But then you have the world of the vampyres (how it's spelled in the series), witches and lycans thrown in.  The vampyres aren't Laurell K Hamilton vampires, and although those are my FAVORITE vamps of all time, you don't miss it in these books. Because that level of horror and violence wouldn't fit in with the romance novel feel. You still have some excitement and danger, but it's at a more softer level. Not weak by any means, but less violent and nasty. In any other book, by any other author, that would be a complaint, cause I like 'em hardcore mean ass vamps. But these two ladies pull it off perfectly, and I don't miss all the blood and gore while reading their book. Everything blends, everything fits so well that the next time you pick up a regular historical romance novel or vampire novel, you actually miss the combo. 

In the Heat of the Bite is part of a series, but there are two parts to the series.  You have the werewolf line and the vampire line.  I haven't read the werewolf one's yet and these come BEFORE the vamps.. I have lots of reading to do to get caught up in the world that Lydia Dare has created.

Here's my my review for In the Heat of the Bite.

Here's my review for the previous book, It Happened One Bite.

Here's a link to Lydia Dare's website where you can find the list of books.

I recommend you add this author to your list!!


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