Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Author Challenge

I've now hit my 8th author on my goal to read 15 new authors for 2011.  I thought for sure I'd signed up for 25 but I guess, according to this post, I only went for 15.

Looking at how close I am, that's kinda...sorry? Weak? Pathetic?

I can do more than that, HELLO.

But I'll stick to my 15 and then go from there. 

My next author is K.J. Taylor and her Fallen Moon series, it starts with The Dark Griffen.  I'm excited about this one, but then again I get giddy about most books, haha.  Do you know this series?  What do you think?

For someone who tends to hold tightly to authors I already know and not branch out unless forced, this is really fun.  I'm also learning more as a writer on different techniques, transitions, character formation and all that good mumbo jumbo.  So to be technical, I'm doing my homework and having fun all at the same time.

Wicked cool.


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