Monday, October 31, 2011

It was my turn

Today I thought I'd make it up to Bailey for not going to his Halloween party by picking up him up from school at 2:00 instead.  This parking lot is pretty small for the traffic it gets, it creates a mile long line in two directions on a main highway by 3pm (since there's a school right next to this one, if you don't get there an hour early you will be stuck in traffic all night).  The driveway is four lanes, I'm always in the waiting line closest to the school because it's the easiest option.  Anyway, instead of making a second line, like so many people do, leave my truck and go inside, get him and come out where my truck is ready to leave and no one is blocking me in, I chose the 'easier' option by parking on the grass where the parents who had shown up for the party were parked.  I had to avoid yellow poles and cars which for me is quite a comical feat since my depth perception sucks.  I managed to get stuck, realize that I couldn't see the poles or any cars behind me in the position I'd parked in (I was on a little hill) and had to find a way out or be stuck forever.  I ended up having to park in a not so parking spot between a sign and another car at an angle that meant I couldn't go forward, but it was my only option.  When leaving I had to back up, and pray for an opening big enough for our Dodge Ram or make my own damn way out.  Luckily someone was leaving at the same time and it opened up a big enough area to get through without me having to hold my breath that I wasn't going to hit someone, vehicles or those damn yellow poles.  If she hadn't left then, I would have been stuck behind 20+ parked cars in a grassy hilly area until 4:30 when all the cars and the traffic for school pick up had passed.  Needless to say, I about pissed my pants with joy when I saw her getting in her van and I almost jumped out to give her a big ol sloppy kiss for coming to my rescue.

Every single day something interesting happens while waiting an hour in that line, and today I got to be the entertainment for all those bored parents.  I hope they giggled and 'WTF is that crazy woman doing' to each other the whole time I was trying not to hit stuff and parking in an obviously non parking area.  I hope they appreciate the gift I gave them today.  Tomorrow will be their day again.


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