Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This is TOO close to home

I will not give out my location for this, I know I know I'm not a super star and need to keep my local on the down low but excuse me if I'd rather share blow job stories than my address.

This morning at the PreK and Kindergarten Elementary school in town, where two of our nephews attend I might add, white powder was found in an envelope that was mailed to the school!  So far no word yet on if it's serious or just a prank, but this isn't the first time this has happened.  Yesterday two places in town had the same thing happen and before that two separate places in neighboring towns had it happen.  No connection has been found yet, no word has even been given on what the powder was at the other places other than it's a household substance.

This is seriously wrong and dangerous, I don't give a flying fuck if it's baby powder, this is not funny.  You don't do this to businesses and you sure as hell do not do this to schools where innocent children are.  The school couldn't even call the parents to come get their kids because they had to evacuate as soon as it was found.  Thankfully a local news station posted an article on Facebook so some parents are aware of what has happened and has picked up their kids.  Right now everyone is just waiting to hear any news.

A part of me wants to get Bailey out of school, even though I know that's being drastic but this scares me and it's scaring this whole town.  I hope they find out who is behind this ASAP and put them behind bars or in a padded room because this is fucking crazy!  This person cannot be sane.


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