Friday, December 16, 2011

Paul Bunyan style

Because neither of us could come up with things we wanted for Xmas, we decided we'll just go all nerd on the holiday and get ourselves some new cookware.  We've been needing to for a while now, so why not?

You see this pan?  This pan right haaayere, is appropriately named of Paul Bunyan.  See, I have a 10 inch skillet that I love because it's easy to clean and cooks evenly, but it's only big enough for things like scrambled eggs or sauteing a small batch of veggies, it's not deep enough for my cooking.  I wanted something big enough to handle the recipes I make.  This bad boy is 14 inches, and in my head I thought 'that would be perfectly big enough to make blah blah blah'.

When it arrived yesterday I damn near peed myself.  This is the biggest damn pan in the world I tell you!  Prove me wrong!  I'm curious and excited to actually cook with it.  I'm also itching to see what kind of objects I can fit into the cat or letting Frost use it as a beanie.  But there's this part of me that is afraid and wondering if I should just send it back and get it's younger brother.



middle child said...

I say keep it! After awhile you will be wondering how you ever lived without it.

Nikki said...

We are going to ;). You may see random posts with pictures of all the things I can stick in it, LOL