Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Are you curious?

Did we get the stuff done in time?

Yes!  And no...shut your trap it's a great thing.

I wanted to make sure that we were not stressed by doing a little every day so the last two days weren't a crazy cleaning frenzy.  Except Saturday and Sunday were total losses, nothing got done.  We sat down and decided what the priorities were, what could be put on the back burner and do if we had time.  And we stuck to it.  The only thing that didn't get done was vacuuming the living room again, and ONLY because BIL and his wife and kids showed up 45 minutes early, (I was actually on my way to put the cat up and grab the vacuum).  SIL has cat allergies, and so do two of the three boys.   The poor baby (8 months) was all snotty and puffy eyes by the time they left.  Other than that, all was done and ready to go.

Can I get a hell yeah?!?!

We are normally cleaning right up until the last minute, we have to hastily put out all the birthday decorations and presents once everyone is here and hope we got everything cleaned or no one notices.  Still 45 minutes until the party, all that was left was putting up the decorations and vacuuming, is amazeballs for us.

If I wasn't so freaking tired I'd do a dance.  A jig out in my front yard, naked as a Jay bird, singing Your Mama Don't Dance by Poison.  Anyone with me?

Tomorrow starts a new goal...OMG did I just say that...Yuppers I did.


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