Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to a squirrley nutball

On this day 3 years ago, a crazy thing happened.  Out popped this little, squished up baby girl who had defied us all from day she was conceived.  I knew from the get go she was going to be something else.  A flying by the seat of her pants kinda chick.  Bo laughed and said I was just being funny.  No one really believed me.

But now they do.

Jocelyn does things by her own rules.  Who says she can't eat toothpaste?  Who says she can't pretend a tire from her brother's toy car can't be her pretend gum?  A pen/marker/crayon is for writing on things with, there are no safe surfaces.  A toy in her sight is hers.  Or a car.  Or a horse.  Or a tractor.  Or an airplane.  Anything is hers if she can see it.  Letters and numbers are so beneath her.  Nope she'd rather watch Backyardigans or play with her baby dolls.  Just because there's a door and she's been told do not enter, that doesn't mean anything to her.  Nope she'll sneak in, swipe something and run away giggling like the little clepto maniac that she is.  And you can't trust a word she says.  She'll tell you stories of her pet giraffe that lives in her room.  She'll tell you Bailey just hit her or stomped on her foot, except he's at school.  'Mama!  Mama!  There's a bug over dere'...'No Jocelyn that's a lego'....'No Mama that's a bug'.

She's a clepto and compulsive liar with no fear.

She's the kid who would grab an umbrella and jump off a roof to see if she could fly.

She's the kid who would sneak over to touch that hot stove when she was just told not to.

She's the kid who would not leave knicknacks alone.  Nope she'd take them to her room, hide them until you forget about them, then color them with markers, and return them to where she found them.

She's THAT girl.

But good gravy she's funny as hell.

She's got her Mama's mouth.  Which we all cringe at.  When I was little I'd tell everyone my daddy was fat and lazy, and Daddy is goofy enough to have thought it was funny.  And guess what?? She thinks so too.  'See those cows over dere?  Those cows are lazy.  Papa is lazy like those cows', she said to us so seriously just this weekend.  He was so proud when we told him, then told us that that's not the first time she's said that very thing.  And to think, we do not encourage her or even call my dad lazy.  Her comedic timing is dead on, and keeps us in tears.  And that smile she gives, or that giggle, like she knows she's good, how could you doubt her?  She gets on to Bailey as if she's me, using my tone, my 'Mama face', my words, the whole bit.  She's a miniature me when it comes to her mouth.  But she loves her babies and takes really good care of them, even if they are always naked.  She cuddles with her brother every chance she gets...of course she also steals his toys when he's not looking but whatever.

She's madly in love with Bailey and her daddy, me well she tolerates most of the time.  Her day doesn't begin until Bailey gets home, and then it's like an explosion of Jocelyn when Daddy walks in the door.  No one plays like Bailey.  No one does pony rides like Daddy.  It's the sweetest, cutest thing to watch her light up when the boys are home.

She adores girly things.  Pink.  Sparkly.  SHOOOOES!  But don't you dare touch her hair.

I can go on, this does not scratch the surface of my baby girl, not eeeven close.  But I've got things to do and a certain birthday girl to cover with kisses.

Happy Birthday Jocelbean!  You are our squirrely nutball.  You make us laugh and shake our heads and dread you growing older because your only going to get better/worse the bigger you get.  Not sure we can handle it LOL.  Your our star, our rainbow baby, our sparkler on the 4th of July.  We love you more than words can say...

PS...promise me you'll be potty trained this year?? Mama is so done with diapers it's not even funny.


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