Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The day after

We walk into the living room this morning and every single balloon is on the floor (we always get one of those box 'o balloon things of like 250 balloons and helium).  The table still has her Princess table cloth on it.  There are cake crumbles all over the tables, and floors.  My clean tables and floors...sigh.  Wrapping paper was crammed into a pile near the fire place, the cat needed a bed apparently (the cat did this, not the kids).  And my nephews walker is covered in cracker crumbs and cake and ice cream splatters.

I'm sure your wondering why we didn't clean this up last night.  Well we did clean up, we threw away the plates and cups, put up all the snacks, etc.  But then our bodies went OMFG stop, stop right now I cannot do any more, we are going to plop down on that couch right there and STAY THE FUCK PUT UNTIL BEDTIME!  And so we did.

The kids refused to put themselves to bed.  The audacity.

So in the dark, rainy light of today, the mess awaits me.  It's not a big mess, I don't have piles of dishes to worry about or anything else really to distract me.  Which means I'm not going 'well if I clean this, that doesn't get cleaned' over and over until I can't breath and my fingers are all tingly.  I can breathe and I can see where to go/start.  It's nice.

Oh and the party, there was 5 kids under the age of 6, 4 of those being boys, three of them mobile, my parents, his parents, his brother and his wife, were all in the house.  And I survived it.  I was not stressed or anxious or overwhelmed by the noise and all the bodies in my house.  Nope, not even for a second.  It wasn't until after they all left that I was like huh what do you know.  I think it's the house, the size and how it's laid out.  Even with everyone in the dining room and living room, they are connected without much of a wall separating them, it didn't feel claustrophobic at all.

Show of hands??  Yup I made it to the other side whole and intact.  And oddly enough with energy today.

Stay tuned...


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