Thursday, January 26, 2012


Simplicity is what I need.

I tend to OCD things to death and turn them into things the size of Texas.  Which stresses me out.  Get's my anxiety going in high gear.  And leaves me standing at the end of the day with nothing accomplished.

Last week I was determined not to do this.  I needed a week of stress free cleaning and it wasn't exactly easy, with all the distractions and days of little to nothing done, but I managed to keep going anyway.  I made sure my lists were small.  That I stayed clear of my master list unless I needed it.  I focused on what I needed to do that day only.  Of course I also didn't do my routines, so the dishes piled up quickly and so did the laundry.

This week I'm using what I did last week and improving it.  You see I focused on the decluttering and forgot everything else, right down to reading the book for Literary Escapism.  I struggled with dinner because OMG it wasn't on my list and we ended up eating out way too much. That's OCD for ya.

My lists are going to remain small, 5 items only a day, plus my three recurring daily tasks.  But I'm going to make sure I include things like clipping coupons, reading my book, entering in author tour dates for LE, my own writing, research etc.  It's something I've said many times that I need to do, but I never put these things on my list.   Not sure why I skipped over it and hoped I would just remember and do it.  I don't work like that, I know this...

Simplicity and focus.  That's what I'm working on this week.  And if this week turns into a month, so be it.  I am getting no where in my life doing things the old way.  I'm not teaching my kids good habits.  I'm teaching them to procrastinate.  That stress is normal.  They have no responsibilities really, to build confidence and self worth.  And I really don't want them to turn into me when they grow up.  Spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do, where to go and what I want.  OCD isn't the entire problem...


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