Saturday, January 21, 2012

Egg donor

You know how some 'men', and I use that term loosely because having a penis and balls does not make you a man, are labeled sperm donors?  Here's a new on, an egg donor.

Here is the proof.  Read it.  All of it.  All the comments and BS this egg donor left on her daughter's blog.  It's absolute filth.  Nothing but lies.

I have met this woman.  I have seen her snotty ass in the flesh, and that of her bitch born daughter Elisha.  Who is such a lovely spawn....The day she met me you know what she did?  It was the day Miss and Seth were moving to California, I was pregnant (the first miscarriage, and wasn't supposed to lift anything) and so I was sitting on a chair outside the apartment.  This girl sits down next to me and starts complaining and whining about Miss and saying all kinds of mean and hateful things about her.  Complains of them having to help her, as if the idea of helping anyone, most especially her sister, was absurd.  She didn't lift a finger that day that I can remember, and acted as if she was being forced to do all the work.  Oh and that entire day she was being an absolute jerk toward me for no reason whatsoever.

Take it back, yeah she did have a reason, I was Miss' friend and was defending her, and Elisha was and still is, just a selfish, spoiled brat/bitch.

And the mom, Deenna, don't even get me started on her fake as hell 'sweet and loving' mom routine.  You ever been around someone that was clearly fake?  So fake it was like acid dripping out of her mouth when she spoke kindly to you?  That's her.  To a T.  I remember thinking how the crap did Miss come out normal that day, over and over.  And the stories I have heard, and the proof I have seen with my own eyes, has kept that thought bouncing in my head ever since.

Then they go and do this shit.

What kind of 'loving' mother does that?

What kind of person DOES THAT to someone?

An egg donor, that's who.

Miss has had it rough, rougher than most of the people I know, she's one tough cookie but doesn't see it.  I love this girl, she's my sister by choice and I would do anything for her.  So while I feel bad bashing my best friends mom and sister here, it's 100% truth, and Miss DOES NOT DESERVE THIS.  I'm posting about it because I want this woman to see what support really is.  What love really is.  What kindness really is from someone who does it out of the goodness of their heart, not for attention for themselves.  I doubt she ever understands.  I seriously doubt she'll ever 'see' what she's done and continues to do.  I could be wrong, but her track record clearly says she can't grasp this concept.

I'm infuriated to say the least that her 'mother', most especially, has stooped to this level.  At anytime this is beyond disgusting, but right now as she's in the beginning of a divorce, it's just down right cruel.  There's no reason to do this EVER.  Only a cold hearted, cruel egg donor does this to someone.

I'm happy to say that we have her back, her friends and I, those who actually love and care for her.  And we will not let this shit fly anymore.

Oh and if either of you are reading this, feel free to leave a comment full of your lies and excuses.  Just remember you have no power over me, and your words are nothing more than word vomit.  But it sure as hell will make me giggle.



Dazee Dreamer said...

Very well said.

The Queen said...

They're not going to man up and say a thing to any of us. They are two of the most low life people I have ever encountered on this world they call the net.

Chicken shit through and through.. it's called drive by commenting.. it's only done by pure chicken shits!

BUT you can take this to the bank. I'm making sure that links are being dropped on their friends.. yea.. dumb asses didn't make their friends list private@!

and I'm standing right here and telling them I'm doing it.. cause I'm a lot of things. a bitch, a hooker, some times a true cuntnugget IF you upset one of my daughters.... but I am never a chicken shit! I don't do drive by anything...

Amy J said...

So very true. We are her true family and we will not stop even if they do leave a comment. Hopefully they will grow up but I seriously doubt it. They don't know how to treat family.