Friday, January 20, 2012

Party Prep Day 4

Find all Legos and cars a home
Organize books in M. Bedroom
Clean off top of fridge
Organize Coupon Corner (better than saying that messy stack of papers in the corner of the dining room...that takes over two chairs and part of the floor)
Clean living room (vacuum, dust, windows, etc)

Day 4 went better in ways, thankfully.  I had to shorten up the lego and car hunt to what we could find in 20 minutes cause the kids became terd nuggets and I refuse to be stressed out about this.  I cleaned up the living room a little and they drug crap back I gave up for the day knowing Bo had Friday through Wednesday off to help me tackle stuff...and it would just get dirty again anyway as is their determination.

The two things that took me the longest were my books and coupons.  I spent a good hour or more on coupons and when I started planning the book situation I realized that I didn't have enough time or Bo's help to pull it off.  BUT I did start piles and separated things to make it easier once he could help.

So even though it was tough with the kids and their attitudes, I still put a good sized dent in these things.  Day 5 is going so much easier thanks to what I did do yesterday, yippee!


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