Thursday, January 19, 2012

Party Prep Day 3

Clean coat closet
Organize entertainment center
Pick up trash/things don't belong in each room
Find all cars and legos a home
Organize books in M. Bedroom.

Three out of five aint bad.  That's what I'm going to tell myself...over and over.

Yesterday my stomach was NOT happy for reasons unknown to me other than to throw another kink in my goals.  The first three items were done in a blur, mixed with trips to pay taxes to the John about every 10 minutes, all before 11am.  Which is awesome, but that's where it all stopped.  The last two tasks weren't even attempted.  By that time I was exhausted, feeling like I'd been hit in the stomach with a baseball bat, and needed some online games to self medicate.  Then Bo got home late, it was bath night and I didn't get a night off...again.

Massive kink.

In my day.



It's now Thursday, Day 4, and my last day alone to get as much done before the real cleaning begins.  My master list is still a mile long...looks like we'll be having a full weekend of lots and lots of cleaning.  Damnit 40 times.


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