Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A few giggles for the day

I love hearing kids try to say new words and the funny things that come out of their mouths that is sooo not the word in question.

Jocelyn has a fascination with body parts, she loves to name each feature on your face, her favorites are nose and eyebrows, aka eyebows.  She also likes to sit on Bo's lap with his shirt pulled up and her tiny finger in his bellybutton, aka buttonbutton.  Every few seconds she turns to him and reminds him, saying her version of bellybutton and moving her finger around.  How he lets her do this I don't know, the second that tiny finger touches my bellybutton I giggle like a moron.  I tell her mine is asleep, thankfully she does this to Bo and Bailey more than me.  Needless to say, when she learns a new body part she has to point that out too. 

Like her bibbles, that Bailey taught her I might add, except he calls them nibbles.  Somehow she came up with the word nini for her vagina.  Since she likes to name body parts during a diaper change, it cracks us up everytime when she points down and with a giggle says nini.  Her cheerios are weewhoas.  When she says peaches it comes out more like peeshesh.  Bailey used to say mu uh for milk, and did for the longest time.  I was sad the day he said milk properly.  But she can say milk plainly, go figure.

Speaking of body parts, also last week Bo was getting Bailey ready for bed in the living room.  Jocelyn was naming every body part she knew like it was an anatomy lesson.  Bo and I gave each other a grin when Bailey's underwear came off.  Bailey says "Take a look at all of Bubba" at which time we almost fell over laughing.  And we could barely breath as we watched Joss bend over, turn her head to the side and stare at his penis like "What the fuck is that". 

Oh and yes if you're curious, we are teaching our kids that their bodies aren't nasty evil forms.  No this doesn't mean we let them play with themselves in public nor do we walk around naked in front of them.  And now we don't get him dressed where she can see, haha.

Another giggle, watch this video, which has got to be one of the funnies things I've seen in a long time by the way.  I watch it at least once a day, no joke.  Now, my son LOVES RockBand, and playes it most morning..ok so he'll play it all day if we let him.  And one of his favorite song's to play is Poker Face.  Listening to him sing it is awesome I tell ya.  Bo managed to find a Cartmen (as in South Park) version that leaves me in tears every time I hear it.

Now imagine if you will, I'm half awake, barely into my first cup of coffee when the song Poker Face drifts from the office.  Except its not the one he's playing that I hear.  In my head I hear Cartmen's voice singing, but its the words to the Muffin Top parady.  Can we say tired and in need of a padded room??

Got any giggles you'd like to share?


Draft Queen said...

Aww. I miss those made up little kid words. When my daughter was a toddler she said "bref-dix" instead of breakfast. The other day I said "bref-dix" and she looked at me like I was insane.

Free2bMommy said...

That video was freaking hilarious! Luved it!!!

Nikki said...

Draft Queen - thats so cute, brefdix, LOVE IT. I forgot one, Bailey says slawberry kisses, instead of slobbery, haha I don't have the heart to correct him on that one.

Free2bMommy - Isn't it though! I love the "she has a lumpy body" part.