Friday, July 23, 2010


Now say that in a sobbing, whiny kinda way and you've got how I'm feeling today.

In fact, a stranger could knock on my door to sell me something right now, I'd answer it in my old faded boxers and white t-shirt with no bra, showing that yes I did breastfeed 2 babies, my hair barely in a ponytail, and my lovely nerd glasses on because I couldn't open my eyes wide enough to put my contacts in, and be perfectly fine with it.

Ok so, I may have had a rough week with little sleep and feel like poosickles, but there is a silver lining or two.  IT'S FRIDAY!! And today hopefully I learn if I got the book reviewer gig.  EEEEE, I've been waiting all week to find out.  If I don't get it, no biggie, because I'm going to do it anyway on my website, since its just sitting there with nothing on it anyway.  I thought of doing this before, and kinda sorta did it here and here but haven't done it since.  I've always thought doing reviews would be fun, and it wasn't until Miss told me about this opportunity that I realized how much I really wanted to do it.  I still think I've been a moron for not doing it here more often, I mean I READ ALL THE FREAKIN TIME, why not, you know?

What else???  Oh yeah I am now at page 72 in my story!! Woohooo if only I could remember how that shrinks down to book size pages to find out how many that would be.  Bo keeps reminding me that I shouldn't even think about that part.  That I should just focus on writing for the fun of it, and finishing it only because I want to.  He thinks its too much pressure to think about publishing yet.  I agree, and although I'm determined to at least try to publish something, it's more of me finishing the book than anything.  I just can't help myself and think about what would happen if I did get published you know?

I still feel a little silly when I talk about this, which Bo tells me I'm a moron for, haha.  He keeps reminding me how awesome it would be for me to finish a book, and the thought that someday maybe getting published is pretty damn exciting.  We both agree that we'd jump up and down and giggle like morons if someday I had a book with my name on it sitting in a book store.

Speaking of that...I don't have a spiffy sounding name, maybe I should be write as Anastasia Beaverhousen, thats catchy right??

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In3Dee said...

Sorry you are feeling poorly. Are you a member of I joined, and just finished reviewing my first book.