Friday, March 04, 2011

Help stop stupidity!!

I truly don't know where to start, this issue has gotten me so pissed off I keep rambling whenever I try to write this post.

I try to stay clear of political and religious topics.  But this is one time where I'm not going to keep quiet.  AS IT IS THE MOST FUCKING RETARDED THING I'VE HEARD THIS YEAR.

A man named Bobby Franklin, a rep for Georgia, is trying to pass a bill that abortions (and anything considered an abortion including D&C's) shall be punishable by death.  Not only is that stupid in and of itself, but if you have a miscarriage you have to file a freaking report.  All cases (so it seems) must be reported and will be investigated to make sure you didn't do it on purpose.

I'm including this blog post that I read this morning which, inspired this post.

Don't go all abortion is murder on me, I know that.  I think everyone is smart enough to knows that.  If some girl gets knocked up by her boyfriend and gets an abortion without telling anyone, she needs to seek counselling.  If some chick has sex with lots of random guys and has periodic abortions, the chick needs major counselling and jail time.  A death sentence however IS RETARDED AS RETARDED CAN BE.  But if someone is raped, or can't take care of themselves let alone a baby including the medical care they need while pregnant, or if it's a life or death situation, leave them alone, they are going through enough as it is.  So yeah, for me, it depends on the situation, but in the end it's still ending a life.

I can see why this goober thought of this bill, but the sad part that he obviously never thought of or it never managed to chip inside his iceberg head, is that the people who will pay the most are those who are in pain because of a loss they couldn't prevent or because they had no other choice.  Yeah I do agree those who do abortions as if it's no big deal should be punished in some way, not by death I mean come on, but the majority of women going through them are shaken up and in pain because of their situation.  Like they need more anguish added on!  Yes, there should be a punishment but it should depend on the situation.  And yes, yes I know that you can't find that out without an investigation, but seriously there are ways of finding out without torturing those innocent in a terrible situation  I think this bill is absolutely, 100% stupid and unnecessary.

If you want to punish those who are committing actual murder and doing things on purpose to lose the pregnancy, go after them please, but leave everyone else alone.


jodene said...

Well said kiddo! In this day and age that ain't gonna fly!

Lianne said...

That is extreme.
Personally, I think abortion is wrong in probably 90% of the situations. However, I do not think making it illegal is an answer either. Girls will continue to get abortions whether it's legal or not, you know? And it's not my place to govern the moral decisions of someone else. I do have a couple friends who've had abortions, and while I totally disagree with that, I would rather have them safe than lost two lives in the matter.
Just my two cents...

Nikki said...

Thanks Joe!

I agree Lianne!

Anonymous said...

Guy is a nut and not in a good way.