Thursday, July 21, 2011

Organizing: Kitchen Project 1

This is our 'command post' so to speak.  It's where Bo empties his pockets, where mail is stored and where only a small portion of my recipe collection hides.

It has been a mess since the day we moved in.

As you can see NOTHING has a home and this clutter is entirely allergic to the word organize...shhh it may attack me if you say that word too loudly.

I actually chose this cabinet first. 

Stop...Did you read that last part?  I CHOSE THIS CABINET FIRST...all by my wittle self.  I have a big plan for the rest of the kitchen that involves a lot of nerdy organizing on paper before I move anything.  But I'm starting here, because it's the smallest job.  The fact that I am saying I'm doing this, I chose the first task without debating for HOURS if not DAYS, is pretty damn epic.

Right now, we don't have many items to help organize this mess.  So, it's more of a straightening that I'm doing for the moment.  But as I go, I'm searching online for items that I'd like and I'm making a home wish list.  The next part of this organizing/decorating project is to BUY SAID ITEMS....that's a whole other obstacle to tackle.  We tend to forget the wish list...

And the after.

To see just how nerdy and OCD odd I am, while organizing this, which surprisingly took no time, I realized how disorganized my recipes are....that's going on the list of weird organizing projects...right next to cataloging my books.



Singedwingangel said...

When you get done organizing your stuff feel free to come organize mine hahahaha

Nikki said...

HAHA well if you saw the rest of the house you'd be singing a new tune...and asking WTF woman ;). It was something new to blog about and something I needed to do, lol so I did it.